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About us - Venilu Buy


The best performing e-bikes on the market



Venilu is a Belgium company that was created from the desire to facilitate the urban mobility while caring for the environment. Our idea is to promote a sustainable mode of transportation that allows the public to be free and move around the cities with ease, comfort and style.

Venilu offers not only E-bikes but a full range of innovative accessories that will make you life a cyclist a lot easier and safe. By building Eco-friendly products we hope to inspire and encourage as many people as possible to use bicycles instead of cars and thus help to take care of our planet.

The main objective is to reduce the pollution and healthy damages in urban areas and increase the riding experience so people can find joy on their daily transport.

Venilu was born out of a feeling of weariness of its founders. They were tired of having to spend hours everyday on traffic jams, tired of never finding a parking spot and tired of running late to catch a train or a bus. They were looking for something new, fresh. Bicycles turned out to be the best solution but there were still challenges. Riding a bicycle used to be a bit unsafe and the effort required to go from point A to point B sometimes was to much. So we decide to solve these problems by creating products that will focus on safety and practicality to make sure the inner-city mobility is no longer a problem but a source of pleasure.


The problem


The biggest problem on the route. For those who drive or take public transport this is a common issue. Everyday streets are jammed with cars and the stress caused by that is clear. Spending precious time stuck inside a car can’t be beneficial for anyone.


The pollution caused by the everyday driving is growing on an alarming rate. The effects of climate change around the world are forcing governments authorities to implement changes on the traditional way of transporting and that means the expenses will increase as well.


There is positives and negatives for every way of transport. Our goal is to work to increase the benefits of riding a bike while minimizing the negative sides by combining technology with safety.

The solution


Riding a bike as an alternative to the regular way of transport will save a lot of time and money. If you can combine the bicycle with the public transport is even better. Thinking about that we create the perfect combination of functions to develop the best E-bike around.


Spare the money needed for fuel and other expenses while improving your helthy by adding an amazing physical activivty to your routine.


The possibility to combine differents ways of transportion will save a lot of time and effort. A light and compact E-bike is perfect solution for those looking to commute with style.



Ready to go

Once your Venilu arrives at your home, just remove it from the box and start riding. The Venilu pack contains an E-bike ready to use together with all the other necessary tools needed for the bike maintenance.



Your Venilu

Yes, you can buy a branded theme Venilu E-bike and deduct cost from your taxes. But that’s not all. By having employes driving around with a branded E-bike, not only your company will have a positive and sustainable image but also free mobile advertisement. Your branded E-bike can be freely parked everywhere, in front of your business, shop, post office or cofee shop. Free advertising space for your company!

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